FIRs hushed up: Uday Narayan Gupta from Delhi has to bribe cops to file report

Posted on May 12, 2016

Many like Uday Narayan Gupta have left their hometowns and migrated to big cities in India. Uday left Bar Village in Lalitpur district, Uttar Pradesh to find a job and work in Delhi. Back home in his village, he has an ancestral property that is a house built in the traditional style. The house has no cement ceiling and is entirely made of wooden sticks.

Uday has been constantly hearing his neighbours tell him about a certain thief who trespasses along their properties and steals petty things. One day, Uday gets informed that his empty house was robbed by the same man called Krishan Saran Mishra. “I immediately sent speed posts to the Lalitpur Police station and there was no response from them. I further sent three others and was getting fed up. I filed an RTI stating the postal number for each mail. The reply said that the respective mails had been delivered. I took a copy of the POD (Proof of Delivery) and went to my hometown directly,” recalled Uday.

“When I went to the station, I asked the SHO (Station House Officer) there, Shamin Khan about the posts I had sent from Delhi. He brushed it off saying he thought it to be a hoax of some sort,” Uday said. It seemed to Uday that the officer was saying all this because Krishan Saran Mishra’s family had paid him off well to ignore any allegations against their family member. Apparently, the family had paid the officer Rs. 2,000 to deny the first complaint that was filed. This came out as a revelation to Uday when he was asked by the police officer for a bribe to resolve the issue to which Uday refused.

Although the value of the things stolen by Krishan have not been much, such as diesel and gas cylinders, solar batteries, keychains and like, it is still deemed a criminal act according to Uday. “It is surprising to see what influence money has on people even when they are wrong on their part!,” exclaimed Uday to I Paid A Bribe.

- By Aruna Krishnan