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20% of babus highly corrupt: Lokayukta

Posted on April 26, 2017 from Karnataka ι Report #120649

BENGALURU: Lokayukta P Viswanatha Shetty on Tuesday said 15%-20% of the government officials in Karnataka are immensely corrupt and must be weeded out in order to clean up the system.

Article Courtesy: The Times of India

The head of the anti-corruption watchdog was addressing a gathering of industrialists at the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industries, where he provided a break-up of bureaucrats based on the degree of corruption. "Almost 10%-15% of the bureaucrats are very honest.They won't be tempted even if you offer them Rs 10,000 crore in bribe. Some 10%-15% officials indulge in need-based cor ruption; they accept bribe for various rea sons, including pres sure from higher-ups," said Justice Shetty.

"The most corrupt among the lot account for 15%-20%," he added.

He said 40%-50% of the government officials are sitting on the fence and are confused about principles. They need to be motivated. As they are not intent on becoming corrupt, they can change," Shetty said.

He said his priority is to strengthen the institution before conducting raids, adding that the institution of Lokayukta doesn't need media publicity, unlike in the past. "In the times of Justice N Venkatachala, publicity was needed since the very concept was new and awareness needed to be spread. Now, the situation has changed and complaints are pouring in from people. I need not go on a visiting spree taking TV cameras along," said Shetty. "People have responsibility too. As long as people want bribe to get their work done, government officials will get tempted and corruption can't be eradicated," Shetty said.

Need more staff'

'Justice Shetty said there were over 6,500 cases pend ing before the Lokayukta courts and the organization needed more staff strength for their speedy disposal. "I have asked the government to fill the vacancies. We need at least nine more inquiry officers," Shetty said.

He said the Lokayukta had taken up suo motu cognizance of the Bellandur Lake case. The institution had taken an initiative to stop construction of a temple on a school campus, based on a TOI report.

Article Courtesy: The Times of India