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Watch what you pay to update Aadhaar data

Posted on April 25, 2017 from Karnataka ι Report #120189

BENGALURU: The Centre’s decision to link Aadhaar number to several schemes has been used as an excuse by personnel at enrolment centres to fleece applicants. There have been several instances of enrollers demanding money from people, despite Aadhaar enrolment being free, reported in the past. But the recent decision making it compulsory to link Permanent Account Number (PAN) card with Aadhaar number has led to such instances being reported widely.

Article Courtesy: The New Indian Express

UIDAI officials said that though enrolment is free, updation costs a nominal amount. They added that if enrollers are overcharging, it must be brought to the attention of officials.

Updation charges

In an incident reported at a Seshadripuram Aadhaar enrolment centre recently, Vijayram P had to pay Rs 100 to update the name on his Aadhaar card. “Since it is necessary that the names on both the PAN card and the Aadhaar number match, I visited the centre to update my name. But I was forced to pay Rs 100,” he said.

“When I asked him why I was being charged, the person at the centre said he was asking for money as they do not get good salaries,” he added.

Although UIDAI maintains all the data packets, enrolment is outsourced to several private firms where such instances of overcharging have been reported.

In Banashankari, Nagaraj was charged Rs 100 to update his biometric data. “I had to update my fingerprint data as my fingerprints were rejected while applying for a Jio SIM card. I went to an Aadhaar ‘franchise’ at Banashankari where they charged me Rs 100 to update my fingerprints,” he said.

Anjali Ellis Shankar, Assistant Director General, UIDAI, said that a nominal amount has been set for updation of Aadhaar data. “If Aadhaar registrars are overcharging, applicants can approach the Aadhaar helpline with complaints,” she said.

Article Courtesy: The New Indian Express