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Harrassment over clothes& carrying liquor with proper permit

Reported on January 30, 2019 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #197761

Today i was travelling back from Goa by road with my friends and we were stopped by a cop because we were wearing shorts and sleeveless sando and the cop threatened us that pay the money or he will put a case on us for not wearing proper clothes and travelling in the car is there any such rule that now we have to ask and take permission from the police for what to wear and not to wear he charged 500 and left us.This is ridiculous didn't expect this things from the police of Karnataka to the people who travel to Goa by road this is 2nd incident happened with me today in this same month of January 2019 am still travelling.
The 1st incident happened with me on goa Karnataka border ghat road on January 3rd i was returning back from goa by road in the car with my friend and at Karnataka checkpoint the cop stopped us for checking and i was having the permit for 4 bottles of 750ml which is legally allowed already with me the cop said with permit or no permit your not allowed to carry liquor and he threatened us that he will seize the car and make case send to court and 3 days jail or else pay him 20,000 rupees.
we paid him the money because of the threatening he gave to us and even he confiscated the bottles worst experience travelling by road to Goa from Hyderabad and Karnataka police behaviour is absolutely ridiculous.

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