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Need for Guideline for Police Verification

Reported on November 17, 2010 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #32630

My wife applied for a Passport on 12 ********** 2010 at Passport Cell in Police Commissioners Office Hubli. Papers over and above those required / prescribed were insisted to make their (Police) task easy. File Z 631608 was sent for Police Verification to Sub Urban Police Station Dharwad. However, Police did not visit Residence to make enquiries. Despite Passport copy of Spouse attached as proof of Residence, Bank passbook copy was insisted.Other proof -telephone bill was also given. Since our transactions are through ebanking a statement was downloaded and handed over. A phone call was received to the applicant to get 2 persons named in application to Sub Urban Police Station Dharwad for obtaining their statement. Since on Speed Money was paid, Several Objections were raised and the process inordinately delayed.The Constable on duty behaved rudely and arrogantly.My Wife is yet to receive her *******

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