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Notice of GST Verification

Reported on February 17, 2020 from Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #220424

I was given a notice of GST verification by the Inspector of Central Excise, signed by Asst. Commisioner Rajiv Lochan, in which I was given one week time and I submitted required documents by time on the 11th of Feb, 2020.
On submitting the Inspector asked me that if you want to make rounds of the Department again and again or you want to settle in one go.
I told him I didn't understand and then he blatantly asked me Rs 1,50,000/- for just verifying.
His name was Inspector Pradeep of Central Excise Dept. of Aligarh.
I am a small entrepreneur, if I can't do my work properly then what is the use.

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