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For Admission of My Child the Pricipal is asking bribe of Rs. 10000

Reported on May 4, 2016 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #102905

Through one of my friend reference i went to Mr.Panchal house to meet him regarding my child admission. while talking to him he asked me to pay Rs.10,...और पढ़ें

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  • 5 years ago
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Did not take bribe.. asked us to pay the fine.

Reported on March 10, 2014 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #39952

Did not take bribe.. asked us to pay the fine....और पढ़ें

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TTE charged Rs.100 for confirming a RAC ticket

Reported on November 26, 2011 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #32882

We are two brothers, we belongs below middle class family and my dad expires in 1996, by profession he was real estate magnesium to gulbarga and he wa...और पढ़ें