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Honest IPS Shamsher Singh

Reported on January 2, 2016 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #87727

Being a responsible youth i have 2 aims to get done anyhow (i) Corruption (ii) Trafficking of girls as sex slaves across india . Stating from the first one i decided to meet someone from Anti Corruption Bureau of Gujarat to see how they really work (whether or not) , i called up headquarters to seek an appointment of some officer who can take up my suggestions (Suggestions were nothing new - just to boost up in social media and normal like) . To my surprise the one whom i was allotted to meet was the Additional Director Shamsher singh himself , more than that i had curiosity to meet him - was because of the time allotted to me was 7.oo PM (Who works so late when official time gets over at 5.oo pm?) earlier i had impression that govt officials have null interest in work who joins govt just for sake of power- this impression got evacuated in the very first meeting. i entered his cabin and shared my suggestions , In his humble reply he showed me the steps they are taking in bringing up awareness among people including social media (FB page has more than 120K Likes from where they take suggestions, information on corrupted officials from public) along with call center 1064 working 24*7 , On the factual basis he was Right !! He has started a war like campaign across gujarat in bringing up awareness and to uproot corruption . Moreover i was amazed to learn that Informants were given Armed Security in order to counter threats from accused corrupted official (Which State have adopted it so far?) . This was indeed best citizen centric policing which he implemented . keen to know more about him , i came to know he was the one during his deputation in gandhinagar where he started "A Day with a Cop" campaign in which any ordinary citizen can spend full day with Assistant commissioner of police. On Ordinary suggestions - which director level cop gives you time to meet?
looking at the result or output of ACB gujarat , i can indeed say Dr Shamsher SIngh has all characteristic of an Honest Workoholic Cop !!

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