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Honest Police Officer Understood Silly mistake and let the person go without any fine / bribe.

Reported on February 4, 2014 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #39329

My brother-in-law was going to drop a relative to railway station. He was discussing some thing with his relative and as it was already late, he did not notice signal turning RED and proceeded. One policeman stopped him. He requested the policeman (In fact, senior person) that he is going to drop the person at railway station and as he is getting late, let him proceed and he will return back to pay fine. To his surprise, Police Officer allowed him to go as it was minor violation.

When my brother-in-law returned back and met the police office, he was pleasantly surprised that some one has returned back to pay the fine. He said that as you are a law abiding citizen and you have honestly returned, I will not ask you to pay any fine and he was allowed to go without paying fine. I do not know the name of the police officer but even this kind of people are there in the system.

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