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I tried to complete work with out bribe, Luckily after four months I got it.

Reported on July 14, 2012 from Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #31288

I gone to RTO office Vijayawada on 22 October 2008 to apply two wheeler Driving License. Office people told the process. I attended computer exam I got 80 marks. So easily i got Learner's license. After one month I attended test ride exam. There police people did not asked any bribe (I thought they will ask). They asked me to ride scooter. I ride that and came. They asked few Traffic Symbols. They told every thing is ok, your License will come by post and now U can go. I waited 2 months for that license, I thought they will not give because I did not given any bribe. I forgot about it because I did not have job, How can I maintain two wheeler? After getting job I thought of giving bribe. But luckily after 4 months I got it by post.

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