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The Insider on our side

Reported on September 25, 2010 from Hubli , Karnataka  ι Report #33291

A few years ago we bought a car in Bangalore registered in the Hubli-Dharwad RTO and needed to transfer from one RTO to another. The paper-work at the Hubli-Dharwad RTO had to be done first. Everyone we knew, both in Bangalore and Dharwad suggested an agent to make it work 'smoothly' for us. Having heard many stories of the functioning of RTOs and with our own past experience, we accepted this as the ‘normal’ procedure. But just on a haunch I went to the RTO website and called the number listed there asking for details of forms to be filled, fees etc. An officer who spoke to me gave the information and asked us to ********** him directly instead of going to an agent. He emphasized - "Do not go anywhere else or ********** any agent. Come directly to me." We assumed he wanted the whole pie of the under-the-table income instead of sharing it with an agent and other people in the 'corruption infrastructure' at the RTO. My husband went prepared for this and met the officer for the required paperwork.

Surprise! Surprise! Not only did the officer get the work done without glitches, he did not expect a single pie! He was very courteous to my husband and said that he just wanted to ensure that we do not fall prey to agents.

I had the name and number of this officer for many years but lost it recently. I wanted to thank him one day for teaching me something – to assume that there is a ‘normal’ procedure
in government offices. Most of us think that it is much better to shell out some money to make life smoother, that it works that way and there is no other way things work in a government department, that everyone is the same. Just by making an attempt we might be giving an opportunity for someone like this person who wants to kill the ‘corruption infrastructure’ from the inside.

In fact if we team up with such insiders it might be much easier to kill this monster called ‘corruption’. We can attack it from the outside and they can weaken it from the inside. Aren’t there rewards and recognition for such people?

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