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I am surprised and enthralled by the fact that my passport reissue…

Reported on September 10, 2013 from Aluva , Kerala  ι Report #36164

I am surprised and enthralled by the fact that my passport reissue process was very smooth and I got my passport in 5 days from the day of appointment to delivery. An application for reissue of passport was applied online on a Friday, got an appointment for 9:30 am on the following Monday, walked straight into the office around 9:15 and I was out by 10:15 am. The whole process was very straightforward and the staff inside the PSK were very courteous. They informed me that I will be getting my passport in 2 weeks time frame. I got a notification on Tuesday that my case has been sent for verification to the local police station, however on thursday I got a notification ( 3 days later) that my passport has been shipped in SpeedPost. I received my brand new passport on Friday to my great joy and surprise. Definitely, we , Indians are capable to deliver world class service, if you have the right mind set. Pretty amazing and great initiative on the part of Passport Services. All deserve high appreciation !

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