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Registered My Car Myself

Reported on March 5, 2011 from Kottayam , Kerala  ι Report #33195

When dealers quote a vehicle price, they also include the price for registration. They will register the car that you buy. My dealer quoted 3K for registering my car.

I decided to register my car myself. I reached the MVD at around 11 AM. Paid the fees and waited. The clerk told me that the Vehicle inspector will ********** you in person. I knew that this is not going to happen. So I asked him where is this registration happening. He told me a Road name where it happens.
I went over with the documents and the receipt of fees. Cars were lined up and parked in what ever spot available. I found a spot and parked the car. I could see the Vehicle Inspector opening the hood of each car and verifying the Engine No.

He came over to my car, I opened the car, he looked at my docs and asked me what dealer I represent? I told him that I own this car. He looked at me for a while and then took a long time to verify my docs. I reasoned that he was looking for a reason to reject my registration.

He wrote something on the paper and told me to hand it over to the clerk at the Vehicle Department. I drove back to the office and handed over this document. They told me to come and get my RC book in a weeks time.

When I went back to the office after a week, I still was not convinced that I would get the RC Book, but to my surprise I got my RC Book.

I was happy as I got my vehicle registered without paying a single rupee as Bribe. I guess its the people who encourages bribe, we need to be patient and at least get things done by ourself.

To summarize.
Money Saved: Rs. 2500
Time Spend: Half a day
Lesson Learned: We dont have to bribe.

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