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Reported on June 11, 2015 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #61866

I had gone to drop someone at Sealdah station on 9th June 2015 around 8 p.m.. After dropping when I was trying to leave from the station on my bike, I was not sure which way to exit as there was no sign board. I saw a traffic hawaldar and went to him to ask where I could exit. He simply paid no heed to my question and told me that I had entered a no entry zone and had to pay a fine of Rs.2000. I explained that I was new to the place and I could not park the bike in the middle of the road and also there were no signs to direct passengers. He started arguing that it was not his work to put signs and then said how much I m ready to pay if he settles it without the challan. I told him I won't pay a penny. Then he asked me for my license. I told him I will only give it to a sergeant. After trying to scare me for over 5 mins he gave up and called for a sergeant. I explained the situation to the sergeant. He simply asked if I was new in the area. I confirmed that I was visiting the station after 11 yrs as I was staying outside Kolkata. He then asked the hawaldar to show me the way out of the station and wished me good day, without any attempts to extort any money. I was pleased with the sergeant's approach. That what situational leadership is all about.

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