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Bindas Bhrushtachar

Reported on June 15, 2011 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #7324

I was on my way to see a proposed housing colony advertised by Artha Property off Sarjapur road near Bangalore. After Sarjapur town we went via Bagalur instead of Chikkatirupati. Hence we had to cross Tamilnadu for a while. At the border check post a tamilnadu police constable stopped our taxi(arranged by Artha Property) and straightaway asked for Rs.100/- if we want to proceed. 'What for?' I asked. He muttered something in Tamil which I could not follow. Since I was in a hurry I agreed but insisted on receipt/voucher. He got angry and said if you want a receipt you will have to attend court and took out a book to file a case. I asked him what was our fault? He muttered something again. All papers were clear.The driver obviously did'nt want any more hazzles. He paid Rs.100/- and we were allowed to proceed. On our return journey we came via ChikkTirupati and avoided *******

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