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Karnataka policemen on Goa-Karnataka border robbing people

Reported on April 10, 2015 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #58421

My two friends and I had gone for a trip from Bangalore to Goa from April 2 to 5. On the night of Sunday, April 5, we were returning to Bangalore by a private bus. We were carrying liquor with us, of course, with a valid permit. Suddenly at around midnight, on a police check post near Goa-Karnataka border in Karnataka, a few policemen entered the bus and asked if anyone was carrying liquor. I told them that I was carrying liquor and showed them the permits. They asked us to come out of the bus. On coming outside, they asked for INR 200 per permit, without giving any specific reason. When we asked for the reason, they started threatening us. 3-4 of them took one of my friends away and threatened him with confiscating the liquor bottles. Their behaviour was no different from that of goons. Eventually, they asked us to pay INR 300 for 3 permits and we had no option but to pay them. Our fellow passengers, who were carrying liquor were treated in the same way.

Everyday, hundreds of people go to Goa from Bangalore and many of them carry liquor on their way back, which should be perfectly valid, as long as one is carrying it within the legal limits and with valid permits. I’m sure, these policemen do the same to all the people who carry liquor while returning from Goa, thereby adding a big bulk of money into their pockets illegitimately.

Police is supposed to be the protector of the society and should be considered as one of the most respectable professions. But sadly, it isn’t, because of such intimidating and goon-like behavior of a few policemen. Just like one rotten fruit can ruin all the fruits in a basket, these few greedy, undeserving policemen are taking the reputation of the entire police department into a deep chasm of disrespect and contempt. I request the senior officials of Karnataka police to immediately take action in this matter, and to restore people’s faith in the police department.

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