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Hello, I feel shame to update the details regarding this, but in…

Reported on March 26, 2014 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #40152

Hello, I feel shame to update the details regarding this, but in vain, I was supposed to pay the BRIBE to get the New Water Connection for the House Built in Dharwad, Karnataka. I work as Software Engineer in Bangalore. After giving application for more than 15 days I didnt get the call from the CLERK Mr Ullagaddi, who is responsible to process my application. With in 15 days of receiving the application I was supposed to get the New connection. But nothing happened. I aslo called to SAKALA service of Karnataka, but they were not knowing about this service existance. I was shocked. After going so many times to office, I could get the CHALLAN and amount detials. After thisMr Ullagaddi asked to give the reciepts in original which are required for his records. After coming out of office, he asked 1500 as bribe. After struggling so much, I was forced to pay the bribe. I paid only for basic reason, of not to travel again and again as it would cost me more than 1000 for travelling once and waste of TIME. If the Process are ONLINE and the applciation status are updated online, it would be more helpful to tackle all these issues. Please help in creating these ONLINE services as soon as possible. These Govt Officers are really a PAIN for the system. Please help..

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