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After the change of currency the financial system will fall secure your self now while you can

Reported on October 14, 2019 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #215308

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up marginally at its current price of $10,205 and is once again pushing up against its immediate resistance...Read more

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  • 4 days ago

Living as a Kidney Donor in India just got more to benefit

Reported on October 12, 2019 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #215212

K1dney donor is urgently needed A+, AB, B+, O+, etc blood group donors between the age of 18-75. sell your kidney for a good amount of 14/- lahk up t...Read more

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  • 8 days ago

On how i sold my kidney

Reported on October 8, 2019 from Agartala , Tripura  ι Report #214918

The Catholic Charities Humanitarian Programme was established to address the increasingly complex needs and render assistance that eases the stress an...Read more

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  • 12 days ago

To close down old company, to get new tin number

Reported on October 5, 2019 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #214748

Greams rd sales tax officer, ayanavaram sales tax officer...Read more

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  • 19 days ago

Government Organized syndicate

Reported on September 28, 2019 from Moradabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #214385

At Moradabad Sales Tax office and Service Tax/Excise office even though you are law abiding businessmen, still you need to make payments to revenue a...Read more

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  • 4 months ago

Paid for appeal decision

Reported on July 1, 2019 from Nashik , Maharashtra  ι Report #209386

Rs. 50000 paid for appeal decision to MVAT Dy. Commissioner Appeal, Nashik - Mr. Chandrakant Jadhav. Even after getting the amount has not passed the ...Read more

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  • 4 months ago

Hoverboard Segway/Swegway Backpack Bag UK

Reported on June 12, 2019 from Adoni , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #208247

Get Strong, Durable & Water-Resistant Nylon Material Easy to Carry with Adjustable Shoulder Straps Carry Handle Mesh Pocket for Charger Perfect for Tr...Read more

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  • 12 months ago

Avinashi Treasury officers asking 1000 rupees every time to GST refund process

Reported on October 26, 2018 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #191591

We paid Rupees 1000 to GST Refund process. And they saying that if we pay only they can move our GST refund documents to process...Read more

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  • 12 months ago

Avinashi CTO asking 3% of GST Refund

Reported on October 26, 2018 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #191589

I paid rs. 17,000/- GST refund. This is second time. And clerk and office assistants asking Diwali bonus amount ...Read more

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  • 1 year ago

Sales tax CTO asked 10,000/-

Reported on September 11, 2018 from Tiruppur , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #188849

I have to pay 10,000/- of refund amount, otherwise no refund...Read more