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  • 8 years ago

CIDCO Estate Officer demand Bribe

Reported on January 3, 2013 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #31072

As per CIDCO rule every HSG society member has to take membership of CIDCO by providing requisite fee as per their flat area, this become compulsury from 2005 un less home loan not get sanctioned, people have purchased before 2005 has not at all carry out this transfer, now during resale bank ask NOC & membership certificate from CIDCO from the new purchaser, sometimes new purchaser has to pay 2 or 3 transfer charges if it was sold 2 or 3 times, during this procedure CIDCO new panvel Estate officer Mr. Nayek & clerk Mr ******* creat different difficult story & send the person to some agent through which they demand 40000-50000 Rs, all the money taken by Agent & hand over the transfer order as well as mortgage NOC if demanded by financial institution. This become a big racket.

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