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  • 10 years ago

Denied to pay bribe in RTO, ********** Nagar

Reported on February 15, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32547

During the process of ownership transfer, I required a clearance certificate from ********** Nagar RTO. It took me almost 2 months to get it only because of I did not pay bribe. The staff was very very slow, did not listen to my request, delayed in everyway. I could see how the person was taking bribe openly and doing work. Once I was denied to take RC directly by hand as per PROCESS, they will send it through courier, but if somebody pays bribe gets immediately, I saw directly. Then I reported to Senior RTO and my work got done in a week. Its, people who can change the system. Govt officials take bribe because people give. I have gone through ********** Nagar RTO, never never had any issue, this is wonderful RTO. They may be taking bribe, but wll not stop working if they dont get bribe.

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