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  • 9 years ago

I chose not to pay a bribe

Reported on July 14, 2011 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #31718

We were travelling in my wife's car from Nerul to Wockhardt Hospital in Mulund last month via Airoli. We were late for a Doctor's appointment for my Mother-in-law and just as I turned round a corner in Airoli under the Railway Subway, I was asked by a Policeman to pull over. I was asked for documents for the car & my Driver's License. I had all documents except the Insurance Certificate which had been renewed just 2 weeks prior to this and had inadvertently not put in the car. The Policeman informed that I would have to pay a fine of Rs.650. I asked him if the amount could be reduced to Rs.200 since we definitely had paid the Insurance & had all other documents as required. He said it was not possible, so I asked him to go ahead and agreed to pay the amount of Rs.650. He suggested I could pay a smaller amount and go on my way if I wanted to. I told him I want a receipt for whatever amount I pay. He said that he cannot take the amount as he did not have the Challan Book and that the amount at the Airoli Police Station and collect my License from there. Even though we were delayed by about 15 minutes, I insisted that he give me a receipt ( despite his suggestion once again that I could save time and the trip to the Police Station by paying him something, in other words a bribe). I told him that I would not ask him to commit a mistake by paying him a bribe nor would I commit a mistake by giving him a bribe to save a few minutes and an extra trip the next day for my License. I got the receipt for my License which he had taken from me and went to the hospital.
The next day, I wnet to Airoli Police Station with the Insurance Certificate. Just outside the Police Station a Policeman asked me to pull over & asked me for my documents. This time I was driving my car & had all the documents. However, I told him that I was going to the Police Station to cvollect my License & he let me go. I wlaked inside, gave the Receipt & asked the Policeman on duty for the amount to be paid as fine. He told me to pay Rs.100 since I had the Insurance Certificate with me. I asked him if I would get a receipt for the amount and he said, "Of course, you will". To my pleasant surprise & delight I had to pay only Rs.100 for offence. I must say that all the Policemen were very polite with me.
I am glad that I did not pay bribe. I believe that if all of us in India decide that we will not pay bribe or allow corruption and update our awareness of the rules, we can fight corruption without the help of politicians even if it means a little inconvenience for us.
We live in a great country, let's fight to keep it great. You & I together can do *******

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