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  • 4 years ago

Refused to pay a bribe

Reported on February 25, 2016 from Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #93884

I Vishal Gupta, a civil engineering was working in Sri Lanka during the year of 2011. Due to my hard work I got a chance to join in Ground Water Department of state Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. Every body knows about the bribe stories in various state departments of the Uttar Pradesh. Same happened with me too.
After the completion of my medical examination through a medical panel I received a call for LIU (Local Intelligence Unit) of Aligarh City for the further report to the state government for completing the pre-joining processes of an State Govt. Job. The concern official from LIU departmen came from Aligarh city to my noted address which was 47 km away from Aligarh by using his own motorcycle.
I was not present at home at that time and got the information from my wife staying at the home for completing the processes as per his advised. Afterall he suddenly asked to pay an amount of Rs. 200-300 in lieu of his vehicle petrol and visit etc. I strictly refused to pay and told my wife too.
Still after the passes of more than 5 years I am unable to get the joining letter from the department who has recruited me.
Any body who is reading this, may please share it further.


Vishal Gupta
Pisawa, Aligarh

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