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Sewa *******

Reported on March 11, 2012 from Jodhpur , Rajasthan  ι Report #31355

I have to tell two stories of same nature:

Once on 25th of Jan 12, I was travelling in Train No 14659 from Delhi to Marwar Lohawat, a station ahead of Jodhpur. I was on RAC ticket. I boarded the train and after some time the TTE started adjusting the seats. Passengers on wait list were being confirmed. My co passenger on the seat told " Sir, should we request". I firmly told no and told him that he would come to us as we have first right for seats. At 9 O clock, he came and gave me a borth with a sentence " Sab Kuch Sewa Pani". I lost my patience and replied 'What?". Sensing the touble, he retreated and told "sir, no no, I was just telling".

Similarly , on the same train while returning to Delhi, the TTE asked for Rs 100 to confirm my birth but after mu opposing, he gave me birth without any bribe. Since I had to travel upto Delhi and that TTE got down at Jodhpur, I could not complain.

The fact is that complaining is so lengthy that we have to miss the train.

But united we succeed.

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