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  • 10 years ago

The systems makes you bound to pay bribe in Bangalore City Central Railway station

Reported on February 15, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32549

On 14th of February, I went to drop my friend for a train which was supposed to leave the station by 2:00 PM.As it was Monday & also valentine day, the road were full of traffic. We reached the station by 1:45 PM & i searched for a Platform ticket vending machine & found none of the machines are working. Also the PNR status checking kiosk were also out of order, which caused a heavy rush at the inquiry counter. At last we decided to enter the station without having the platform ticket & to catch the train before it leaves. After dropping my friend, I was coming out of station, where i found one TTE appeared from nowhere into action & asked me the Platform Ticket & I informed the whole story to him. The behavior & the appearance of the TTE was so horrific. I think Indian railway should train them for this. He started asking for fine & the amount he was asking for was Rs.350/-. I have never seen anyone paying (a fine of not having a platform ticket) such an amount. I asked him, why the department is not taking any responsibility to fix the issue with the vending machines? The answer was " That is not my issue. I can not do anything for this. I am here to check tickets & collect fines". What a shameless answer !!

I informed the TTE that, I am a frequent traveler & i book at-least 5 tickets a month through IRCTC. & I am paying at-least Rs.5000/- to Indian railway for the same.So spending another 3 Rupees is not going to be extra burden on me.

At last i requested & convinced him & asked him to give me one more chance, after which he allowed me to come out of station.

I request The Railway Dept. for the following steps to be taken.
1. All The Indian railway stations are over crowded now a days. & you can't expect people to stand in a long line for platform tickets. So find out some better ways like e- platform tickets, mobile based platform tickets etc.
2. the same process can be out sourced to local vendors like bike/Car stands in the station premises.
3. Keeping the vending machines in functional condition.
4. People should be able to buy platform tickets after entering the platforms also.
5. Permanent Platform tickets for IRCTC customers for a nominal cost.

Hope this will reach the department.

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