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Reported on September 26, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32672

On 25th of September I took my motorcycle on the Highway to ********** Hills. The stretch of the Road from Hebbal to the Air port is always under check by the police for people crossing the speed limit of 80 KMPH. Well, I was aware still I didn't follow, a mistake. I was obviously caught, there is no surprise yet. Most of you might also be aware what the police would have said. Don't think I offered a bribe, after all I am posting this under "I didn't pay a bribe". The whole scene was as follow:
Me: Stops as per the signal by police
Police officer (referred PO further): You were over speeding.
Me: Yes, I know
PO: Show me your license
Me: I gave him the license, didn't say anything
PO: You need to pay Rs. 600/- as fine
Me: Please give me a receipt (after handing over the amount)
PO: What should we do now?
Me: Take the money and give me a receipt
PO: The actual fine would be Rs 600/- we can make a deal for Rs 300, just half of the amount
Me: Please give me a receipt I don't want to make any deal. I would post your name on ipaidabribe. (I wasn't sure if he knew this website or if he understood what I was saying. But he understood that I wasn't paying any bribe.)
PO: Since you are a good guy we would take only Rs 300/-
Me: But I want a receipt
PO: Talks to his colleague asks him to give the receipt
PO: (Turns to me). Do you have insurance?
Me: Yes. (I showed the papers)
PO: You were over speeding we checked on the meter that we have.
Me: I know. (Probably he was surprised why I didn't try to prove him wrong)

In the whole journey I observed and learned the following:
1) Police are fooling people so that they avoid taking the receipts and give bribes. They try to trick people in such a way that the bribe money demanded and fine amount would be same.
Analysis> People need to know how much the fine is for every offense. Can someone upload it here? Sorry if I am asking even if it is here.
BTW, police are running a mobile shop where they take money for protecting offenders from the law which they are supposed to enforce.
2) Apart from this there were some more observations I made. There are different lanes for different speeds which people don't follow and police is not concerned about that. Lorry drivers stay to the extreme right (lane meant for 80 KMPH) but drive very slow. This can cause a serious accident.
3) People moving fast on lanes meant for slow speeds but still being under 80 KMPH are not considered violating any rule.
4) In the night there was no police around, might not be a case daily. Come on, I can't say for sure. I don't go there daily. But I saw people over speeding at that hour which means police won't be there in nights.
5) When as offender is caught police officers don't explain why it is necessary to follow speed limits. I can keep Rs Rs. 900/- with in my pocket and break the rule thrice, although hypothetical, but just think people spend more than Rs 500/- in over a weekend movie the fine amount isn't a really big deal for many.

Sorry for the long post.

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