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  • 10 years ago

Traffic Police harassment

Reported on November 23, 2010 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #32624

During my regular commute on Palm Beach, One morning last week, I stopped at the Sanpada Signal. The Traffic cop ( S.Gaikwad) approached me saying that my car did not have the local passing. I retorted saying that I have a MH04 plate and my car is also registered in Vashi and my papers are intact to indicate that everything is in order with respect to my registration.

He then looks at my front number plate and tells me that I have a fancy number plate. Again, I show him that the SERIF font is in order and so is the spacing as per the RTO. He takes my license plate and tells me to replace the plates and pay Rs.100 at the Turbhe Police booth. My arguments fell on deaf years as he had already taken hold of my license.

Left with no choice, I refused to pay the bribe and decided to change the plates to the common RTO Arial font.

This afternoon, at the traffic booth, I take my old plates also and showed it to the officer there and asked him to describe what was so fancy about my plate. While he could not quite justify the offence for which I was accused off, I just paid the 100 bucks offence so that I can get my license and carry on with my life..

But did make my point to him that it is unfair to harass law abiding citizens and then trying to pry for reasons to extract a bribe.

SAY NO to bribes

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