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Since 27-06-2013, I have been intimidated, stalked, pictured, and…

Reported on September 16, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #36132

Since 27-06-2013, I have been intimidated, stalked, pictured, and threatened to be defamed by a father-son-duo, whose illegal construction activity, I unearthed, when they were caught in the act of excavating the 2 meter Setback Bye Law of the MCD while digging up the basement. Several complaints to the relevant authorities fell on deaf ears. So much so that I was stalked on my facebook, intimidated to be defaced, defamed by their stooges via SMS, Facebook by calling names, derogatory and lewd remarks, including open threats by the father who is 64 year old man, like "tujhe itna badnaam kardunga, kissi ko muh dikhane layak nahi rahegi".

The incident: On 07.08.13 at about 1711 - 1714 pm while the son was filming me wearing my house clothes standing in my drive-way, and the father shamelessly jeering at him to continue, inciting, "le le iski picture le, isse internet pe daalenge aur MMS banayenge, tab isse pata chalega humse panga leti hai". Horrified, I immediately, captured their unlawful act on my mobile phone and called PCR 100. But no one came.

But to my surprise, when I brought this to the notice of S.I. Amit Kumar, who was on duty on 12th August 2013, while SDMC inspection was going on as directed by the Hon’ High Court Orders; he promptly took immediate action and asked the son, Sandeep Uppal as to why he was clicking and storing a lady’s, in particular my pictures on his phone. Sheepishly, he first refused, till I pulled out my phone to show the S.I. Amit Kumar the evidence of Sandeep Uppal’s indecent and unlawful activity. The S.I. Amit Kumar promptly took cognizance of the offence and asked Sandeep Uppal to search and delete all such pictures that he has/ saved in the past and refrain from such activities of taking and storing my pictures. But when, the adamant Sandeep Uppal didn't do as directed, S.I. Amit Kumar took his phone himself, searched, identified and deleted one of my pictures standing in my drive-way, with a stern warning to the son, Sandeep Uppal to desist from sexual harassment of women. He further told Sandeep Uppal to stick to the main issue, i.e., his house matter which is now subjudice and if any of the lady's, i.e. my pictures is misused by anyone/ he has made any MMS of it to circulate, the blame will squarely come on Sandeep Uppal as the originator of taking my pictures.

Despite such a stern warning and being caught red-handed with evidence, the insufferable father-son-duo continued harassing by putting my house under surveillance under the garb of CCTV Camera directly shooting my Entry gate and boundary premises for several days till I reported the matter to the SHO and once again, S.I. Amit Kumar rose to the call of duty.

I take this medium and opportunity to thank the S.I. Amit Kumar’s quick wit and prompt action to catch the culprit, red handed. And urge the Senior Officer's of the Department to commend such brave and honest officers, who reinstate us citizen's faith in your policing. With such honest officers, I'd say "all is not lost as yet".

Keep up the Good Work, S.I. Amit Kumar - Both me and my Senior Citizen Mother salute your Honesty.

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