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I was working since 1980 as MO in punjab rural area ,my pay and…

Reported on October 11, 2014 from Hoshiarpur , Punjab  ι Report #45135

I was working since 1980 as MO in punjab rural area ,my pay and allowances were withheld by corrupt officers as i did not pay for my dues /arrears.i filed civil suit in 1989, for recovery.in 1990 corrupt smo had bad terms with me and he misbehaved and abused me on duty.i filed complaints.complaints were filed to secretary and governor about the harassment and my grievances.smo and civil surgeon tried to get me transferred. corrupt smo FALSELY declared me as relieved without my transfer order conveyed to me ,without charge report and relieving MO, ,without departure report,without compliance of rules /procedure,WITHOUT PAYMENT OF MY ALL DUES PENDING SINCE JUNE 1990 . HE FALSELY declared me as relieved and absent , and then withheld my full pay wef 17/7/90 without notice / sanction and permission of deptt.smo/ddo is not competent to stop my pay as such.i filed 100 and more complaints to deptt and governor.ENQUIRY was ordered on my complaints in 11/1990,and director dr h s aneja included my 60 complaints in the eenquiry.,but under conspiracy of all corrupt officers ,all complaints were declared as false.and i was declared as absent despite my presence and enquiry in my office.health secretary memo no 8401of 4/4/91 was sent to smo to relieve me of my charge in 1991 april but smo did not give me the copy all such letters nor gave his order copy to me despite my urgent letter., nor released my pay wef 1990 JULY[ wef 17.7.1990]. enquiry was protracted for 4 years till 1994 without pay and subsistence to me.--under deliberate malafide criminal conspiracy of corrupt officers.i was dismissed in 1994 without notice . high court ordered in 1996 to review case under laws/rules but secretary did not follow the order and refused to consider my case and governor ,s order was fabricated to avoid contempt laws .such criminal malafide conspiracy against me.my pay and SUBSISTENCE WITHHELD SINCE 17/7/90, MY GPF PLUS INTT. WAS WITHHELD SINCE 1994 , SMO SCALE ARREARS WITHHELD SINCE 1988, AND OTHER DUES ARE PENDING TILL DATE. NOW GPF IS PAID IN 2013 AS PRINCIPAL SUM OF 1994 WITHOUT INTT WEF 1994 TILL DATE.. SUCH FINANCIAL INHUMAN HARASSMENT OF MY FAMILY AND SELF BY CORRUPT GANG OF OFFICERS IS REWARD FOR MY HARD and honest service of 10 years in rural punjab.my all petitions to secretary , governor went to dustbin , and now vigilance and cm punjab are also not doing justice to me since 2013 despite my all petotions. honble president has forwarded all my petitions to punjab govt but no justice .my case is pending in vigilance punjab but no relief .please help. i seek help of anticorruption cells of india and UNO, AMNESTY ETC.i have written to PMO BUT waiting for the result.cusre to punjab health deptt and hell to it.as they have ruined my merited career/future.and better prospects.corrupt gang of officers was liable for all penalties.,including secretary health punjab. but for corrupt reasons.as i did not pay to any body. and suffered criminal harassment help please.

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