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Withdrawal of NSC amount

Reported on June 19, 2011 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #32997

My husband and I had two NSC certificates in our names, which had been purchased by my father-in-law. They had matured, but we were in Delhi, and had been busy with his terminal illness, so could not come down to Chennai and withdraw the amount. After my father-in-law's demise in 2001, we realised that we didn't know who had signed for the certificates when they were obtained.
Since the NSCs were issued by the Chennai Mount Road Post Office, we went there with ID proofs and the certificates. The lady at the counter (must mention that the post-office was mostly "manned" or should I say "wommaned" by women) was quite helpful. Since the NSCs had matured a couple of years earlier, she had to pull out the old records. As expected, our signatures did not match the ones on the records. We explained the circumstances, and showed our passports with the same name and address as the records had. She then referred us to her supervisor, who asked us to submit a letter explaining the situation, along with photocopies of our passports. By the time we submitted this to her, it was about 2 pm. The supervisor then asked us to return at 6 pm to collect our cheques.
We reached the post office at 5.30 pm itself, and were asked to wait. After about 10 minutes, the Post Master (also a woman) noticed us waiting, and when she found out we were waiting for our cheques, promptly sent a lady peon to fetch them and handed them over! So we walked out by 5.45 pm with our money, very pleased with the polite and efficient service.
Everyone we met there was courteous and helpful.
A wonderful experience of government service as it should be!

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