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  • 4 months ago

A H Dilip Kumar

Reported on January 25, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #219647

I carried a gaming console which costed me Rs.25000. They checked my items. They had no clue what a gaming console was in first place. There was an officer (Don't remember his name) who placed my item in a scanner and called it a laptop. He said i have to pay 40% customs which is INR10000 on the amount for bringing a game into India from Dubai Duty Free.
I had read the terms and conditions before i bought the console.
I read the terms and conditions to the officer mentioned on the Indian embassy customs website and told him that i have to pay no customs. He did not agree. He then asked me to speak to a guy called AH Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar told me to pay 10000 and leave. I refused. He then sent me to a senior officer by name Suresh. Suresh also did not know what a gaming console was. I opened YouTube and showed him what it was. He honestly told me in Kannada language that he had to handle a bigger case and asked me to settle for a bribe with AH Dilip Kumar. No matter how much i requested and tried speaking, one officer kept sending me to the other and it took me one hour.
Dilip Kumar angrily said that i either need to leave the product there with him or pay me 10000. He finally told me to draw INR 5000 cash at a Kotak Mahindra ATM which is right outside the counter and make a payment.
I withdrew the cash and then went to pay over the counter. He said that there are cameras everywhere and that i had to leave the cash on th table without being seen on camera.
This was a disappointing moment for me as i had huge respect for the customs officer as they represent the central government. But it looks like the entire customs officers in the Bangalore airport are corrupt.
I want to bring to the notice that there was another man next to me who had bought a TV and he also ended up paying INR 27000 again to AH Dilip Kumar as bribe. I know of this because i was standing behind him in the queue at the ATM.

Hope this is taken seriously. Both Suresh and Dilip work at the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore.

Name of the officers who took bribe - AH Dilip Kumar, Suresh
Date of Incident - 25th January, 2020
Time of the incident - Around 5pm
Location of incident - Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru
Designation of the officer- Customs officer ( Not too aware of the designation )

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