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  • 10 years ago

Losing RC book seemed to be the biggest mistake of my life

Reported on August 27, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #30907

Around 6 months back I have lost my bike documents like RC book and no objection certificate. Searched for them for couldnt find them anywhere in house. At that time i did not knew what big mistake i had made. I went to the Indranagar BDA complex. Spent around 3 to 4hrs to get some person whom i could talk to, regarding what forms i have to fill and what proofs i have to submit. After 4hrs i found a person, eplained him that i need RC book and NOC for my bike which i lost. His response was vague and i left clueless. When i went outside the office, i found some agents who had permanent shops within the BDA complex (a shop next to the typewriter person who sits behind the punjabi hotel). One of them said that they could get me required documents and within a week, and said that i had to pay Rs 3000. After a week he said it would take some more time, then he asked Rs 4000, since the rates have increased. Then 10 days later he said my signature is not clear in one document and i have resubmit the documents. This way it went on for 2 months. Then finally he said RC book is now coming as a card and i had to pay 1000 more and i could collect all documents within 2 days. After 2 days he asked me to come and collect the documents. Just before handing them over he said a police officer had to push the documents to get them fast and that i have to 300 more before he could hand over my documents to me.

When this started i didnt had an idea of how long it could take, after a month i felt that i am helpless, as i already paid 4000 and still no guarantee that i could get any documents. Even at the final interaction i had to cough more money.

If only the tranport department personnel gave me a clear idea of what i had to do to get my lost documents, if only i had more time to spare on my working days, if only i didnt meet this agent just outside the office, i might have done things differently.

Atleast some consolation that atleast i got the required documents and that i didnt waste all that money just for nothing.

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