• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

Muncipal corporates always ask for kickbacks-Even if one more ********** Hazare exists he can't do anything.

Reported on September 28, 2011 from Dharwad , Karnataka  ι Report #3803

It was since later year 2010 that my family had purchased a plot or may may call it a site at dharwad-(North Karnataka) near doddanayaka kopana halli-kellageri road from third party which now belonged to my father .I came to aware of the fact that I need to pay tax for the plot purchased and for the previous 3 years and in addition to the subsequent month/current month April 2011.Therefore I personally visited one of the person in the corporation.I submitted each and every documents he asked me for ans even followed every single procedure which seemed me more of laymen kind of work such as photocopying,getting certain documents attested and approved from the tashildhaar head office and visting a bank to pay property tax.I found it very lengthy and complex task.But at the end that corporate guy told me that all the tax paid has been gone to the suspense account that anonimous account.I found some change in his form of facial expression and speech.Hence he give me a fraction of second to understand that he needs to be bribed.He started with an indirect approach to fill his pocked sized.... no..no.. no not pocked sized drum sized pocket.He told me that as it has been gone to the suspense account, I need to get attestation of certain documents and approval from certain government bodies and it may take around 10 to 15 days or even a month,since a new person has been employed for so to get approval and transfer of tax to my father account I need to pay hard cash of Rs 2100.Since I didn't had time and energy to argue with him and moreover I wanted my work to be done sooner or later.so I finally paid a bribe consisting of rs 2100 which I don't seem to be worth it.

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