• I Paid A Bribe
  • 12 months ago

Paid a bribe of around 500 and they claimed us to pay of rupees 4000

Reported on August 1, 2019 from Tiruchirapalli , Kerala  ι Report #211188

On 29.07.2019, as the surveyor team from ariyamangalam part office visited out home as per our request for surveying the land, the probelm is like we have register the assets with land area of 2777 square feet and as per the govt survey it is registered as 3347 square feet. So we thought to examine the left area in the asset and we approached to the Surveyor office and requested to measure the area so that we will come to know about the remaining area actual existence. But before the arraival of team they asked for 4000 rupees through phone and we dont know what to do at that time. After arraival they started measuring but not with full pledge and they finished doing the job with in 15 minute and they didn't give us the proper report for they surveyed. They still stand with point to pay us the full amount of 4000 rupees. But we have the only of 500 in our hand and we provided them, but that was not convincing them and they told us to come to office with balance amount and to collect the report. But next day we went for the report as initial they asked for balance amount. We asked them about the clear report and they said report will be done on money basis . But we refused to pay the money and they making delay with the report and they kept is to walk for 3 days continously to their office, which makes me stressed on my age of 70. I would like to need the justice for this. Kindly help us for this and I hate giving bribe as I cannot bear the amount what they asked as I was from the middle class family.

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