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  • 3 years ago

Real bad indian immigration

Reported on July 21, 2016 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #112299

I was coming from south east asian country I am not going to disclose the name. I overstayed and I legally paid the fine in that country so they give me exit visa of 30 days. During that 30 days I flew back to India. I landed in Mumbai I was with my whole family and everyone overstayed and paid the fine and got exit visa so we accepted out mistake in that respective country and paid the fine according to the law.
Problem started the moment we landed in mumbai half of my family was in different que so we can clear immigration quickly as we have onward domestic connection. THe immigration officer let my family go on the separate que. My wife was with me this officer saw the exit overstay visa on her passport and stamped it (entry in India). By the way WE ALL ARE INDIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS. And when he saw my passport he was flipping it and started questioning me why we all overstayed and all, I justified everything politely and I got bit nervous too and then he said he cannot let me in INDIA (what the hell, this is my country). And he said either I should give him 200 euro bribe (since I overstayed and I might have done something illegal or worked without work permit in respective country)or let my family go and they will going to put me in detention centre for questioning for 7 days. That was scary, my family started crying paying bribe was the safe option as they all are conman and they have the law in their hands, being a common man I do not know any politician or high diplomat to call or help me that time, 200 euro is big money for me. It was a clear bribe but the tears in my family eyes worth more than 200 euros. I will definitely going to pray that this guy will going to suffer in his life. I was so nervous that I did not even tried to look at his name tag but I clearly remember his face he is around mid 40-48 year old, black hair, around 5ft9inch and he wear rectangle full frame glasses (he is the only one wear that type of rectangle glasses in mumbai airport). I saw him one more time while arriving in my second trip but i am still afraid to face as he might end up asking more money.

Also that 200 euro I paid him was in the restroom near the custom counter, he move from his desk ask me to follow to the restroom and one police men (that old policemen always used to collect the custom forms long back) i put 200 euro in between my passport give it to that policemen so the immigration officer was sure he got the money, it looks like the whole syndicate at the airport is involved apart from security check officers.

I dont know if anything will going to happen but god will going to punish him.

Just want to aware everyone about the situation i faced. I curse him every day and night that is the only thing I can do.

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